The start of something good…

Welcome to the first “Woodford’s Aromatherapy” blog. What better day to start this journey than International Nurses Day and the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale; the lady with the lamp (and the lavender). 

As the world reacts to the current pandemic, the need for positive touch, connection and comfort has never been more pressing. Yet we are separated by social distancing in order to protect the global health of one another for the good of all mankind. 

Our natural instinct is to reach out to those in pain, to hold the hand of the weak, to hug the ones we love, accompany the lonely and comfort the grieving. It goes against our very nature to step away when we want to stand close.

For now, therapists must press “pause” until the right time comes for us to reach out and connect again. It’s important to use this time for self-care and maybe ask yourself ” what am I learning through this time? What do I want to grow in my life and what, if anything, do I need to remove?” 

Personally, I’m using this time to enjoy the slower pace of life with my family. I’m reading all the books I never made time for; particularly Rene-Maurice Gattefosse’s first book on Aromatherapy. I’m researching the latest in complementary medicine and looking at innovative ways to care for those in need. I’ve also created some new and wonderful blends and products. 

In all this uncertainty keep asking those three important questions about “learning, growing and removing”.  Most of all, take time for self-care and honour yourself with good nutrition, daily exercise and quality sleep as the cornerstone of your well-being. 
In future posts I’ll be sharing some therapeutic tips to help you navigate your way through the challenge we face together as we all learn to take things “one day at a time”.

12th May 2021

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