Help with Grief

Grief It is felt. Tremendously so. It drives through your chest and takes root in your heart. You always knew it would because you loved deeply. What is treasured is gone and the vacuum left expands with grief.  We generally don’t cope well with grief. However hard we try to accept it as a natural […]

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Aromatherapy Mood Lifters

How are you feeling?  It’s over twelve months since Covid-19 descended upon us and researchers worldwide are trying to understand the specific mental health effects this pandemic is causing. From the pensioner living alone to the the homeworker and home-schooler, the well-used phrase “we’re all in this together” just doesn’t sit comfortably; consider the homeless, the seriously

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Gros Melons! It’s the mighty pumpkin

Luscious hair, beautiful skin, arthritis help, reproductive health and happy chemicals…  It’s the MIGHTY PUMPKIN  French Explorer, Jacques Cartier can be forgiven for the underwhelming name that fell from his lips in 1584 when he first set sight on a pumpkin in South America. “Gros Melons!” he cried. Which translated into “pompions” and then evolved into the

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The Great Outdoors

STAYCATION BOOM  One of the positives to emerge in 2020 is the increased desire to holiday outdoors; there’s been a  dramatic increase in campsite bookings and sales of camping gear. It appears we’re doing it in style too, with portable fire pits, luxury air mattresses, and beautiful candlelight on our shopping list. With social distancing in place we

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