Aromatherapy Mood Lifters

How are you feeling? 

It’s over twelve months since Covid-19 descended upon us and researchers worldwide are trying to understand the specific mental health effects this pandemic is causing.

From the pensioner living alone to the the homeworker and home-schooler, the well-used phrase “we’re all in this together” just doesn’t sit comfortably; consider the homeless, the seriously ill and those who were already struggling before additional fear, despair, and loss invaded our lives. Some have had it harder and some can handle adversity better than others,  It’s more accurate to say “we each have a unique pandemic experience”.  Sadly, experts fear the deterioration in mental health could linger long after the pandemic has subsided.

Hope in the darkness

Shining hope in the darkness we welcome the behavioural scientists –  gladly telling of the priceless life lessons we are learning. We’ve learnt : We’re interconnected, the virus cares nothing for borders and boundaries and the vaccine was born of worldwide effort. We need human interaction more than gadgets and gizmos. Right now we’d trade a hug and a coffee-chat for all the “stuff” money can buy.  We’re adaptive & flexible and proved capable of handling radical change. There is goodness in humanity,we rallied to home-make PPE, we grocery shopped for neighbours, acts of kindness too numerous to mention. So we’re growing on a human level despite all the pain.

Now for the essential news

I’m no mental health expert and I’m no behavioral scientist… but I can offer you my Aromatherapy expertise. As a hands on therapist I dearly wish I could treat clients and provide this much valued service especially so as we’re all in need of some TLC. Until it’s safe to practice again, I’m busy making products, blending some fantastic recipes and getting them approved by the scientists ready to launch – like I said, this pandemic brings opportunity to be adaptive & flexible! 

Woodford’s TOP 5 Mood Lifting Oils

BERGAMOT. Uplifting and calming and used to flavour earl grey tea. It’s the cup that cheers!

CHAMOMILE ROMAN. The high ester content makes this oil calming, relaxing and sedative.

FRANKINCENSE. Used for over 5,000 years to slow down breathing and bring comfort

ROSE GERANIUM. Anti-depressant. Adrenal cortex stimulant – useful for stress conditions

SWEET MARJORAM. Calming , sedative which is most helpful in times of grief.

Scent your room with a couple of drops in a diffuser or treat yourself to an aromatic bath with 8-10 drops per bath. TOP TIP mix the essential oil in a small measure of milk then pour into your bath; the lipids in the milk help carry the oil evenly throughout the water. 

4th February 2021

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