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Breast and Décolletage Treatment Oil
BREAST FRIEND smells divine and feels luxurious…but most of all it’s a gentle reminder designed to sit on your bedside table to prompt a healthy habit.  A reminder to take care of an area of your body that can often go unchecked.  WHY BREAST FRIEND?

A true friend is someone you know so well, you feel good around them and you have their best interest at heart . This is exactly the sentiment and purpose poured into every bottle of Breast Friend.  I want you to know your breasts well, I want the scent to make you feel good and I want you to always have your breast interest at heart. 


What Customers say : It’s quite an enchanting scent / It gives my skin a rosy warm glow / My husband was keen to help ;0) / I put it on before my bath, it scents the bathroom and really relaxes me/

 Your skin, your breasts and your body deserve to be treated with respect . 

Rest assured, Breast Friend is 100% Natural, contains no nasty chemicals, it’s cruelty free, suitable for vegans and laboratory approved. Every application delivers pure evening primrose oil, there’s no compromise here, this ingredient is chosen because it encourages healthy skin- cell renewal and naturally contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E . 

Evening Primrose oil is then infused with the aromatic delight of Ylang Ylang, the comforting oil, traditionally associated with sensuality and often referred to as “nature’s aphrodisiac”. To wrap up the blend comes Rose Geranium “the oil of balance” with its fresh top lemony notes, it’s subtle herbaceous hints and soft rosy undertones which can balance body and mind. All swirled together to bring you the memorably seductive scent of Breast Friend, your super indulgent skin treatment. 


Let’s not forget, male breast tissue deserves equal care and attention. Men aren’t routinely screened or called for mammograms so it’s good practice to get in the habit of checkingIt’s good to share, so go ahead and check your pecs. Couples can lend one another a hand so both of you get to know your normal, and why not? as the song goes… “knowing me knowing you, it’s the best we can do ” sorry, I just cant help squeezing a song in!


There’s no right  or wrong way to check your breasts and pecs and you certainly can check yourself with or without the use of oil . Breast Friend treatment oil just adds to the experience leaving a lasting scent, silky soft skin and can enhance the mood. Just remember it’s important to know how you usually look and feel. That way, you can spot any changes quickly and report them to your GP.  

To help you, there’s plenty of expert advice available with many resources online or gain information from your GP.

 I find the following really informing:

Visit Coppafeel for more information

Visit NHS for more information

Please note reference to other organisations in this blog does not indicate endorsement of the Breast Friend Product

Hope you enjoyed this blog, your thoughts and comments are most welcome. 

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