The Best Three Aromas for Morning Meditation

Clear your mind and success will follow

Kickstart your day the millionaire’s way 

Steve Jobs did it. Oprah Winfrey does it, Tim Ferris, Barack Obama, Tony Robbins and countless others include meditation or prayer in their morning ritual. This simple practice that nourishes body and soul is yours for the taking.

It’s free, it can be done anywhere, you’ve got a whole day ahead of you. Don’t you deserve 20 minutes to stop and nurture your mind?   

Here’s the Scent of Success

There’s good reason why Peppermint, Lemon and Rosemary rank in the top three morning meditation aromatic oils. Their natural chemical properties deliver an uplifting, cephalic neuro-tonic ; better explained, they are a brain stimulant, superb for boosting memory and concentration. They are supremely helpful in times of mental fatigue, stress and anxiety.  

and here’s how it works

There are three human responses to smell that can take place, 

Olfactory nerve signaling,  Emotional response and a Biological response in the brain.

Olfactory Response is fast ” I smell fire!”  it enables you to recognise threats and benefits.

Emotional Response is individual “aah! that was my wedding day scent” it links to culture and experience

Biological Response is physiological Chemical constituents in essential oils when inhaled are absorbed by the hairs inside your nostrils. The hairs have receptors which travel along the olfactory nerves and into the brain itself. Essential oils contain molecules so small they can cross the blood, brain barrier. They work on your limbic system that deals with memories, emotions and stimulations. 

What are you waiting for?

Go take twenty minutes with fresh peppermint, zesty lemon and grounding rosemary for a mind focused, memory boosted start to your day!

and whatever success means to you, may you find it.


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