Thermo-Auricular Therapy plus Massage


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Thermo-Auricular Therapy is a highly relaxing treatment with a variety of health benefits.

Hopi ear candles can bring relief from discomfort associated with ear wax build up, sinus congestion, pressure in the ears, earache, rhinitis, and irritation of the ears which includes tinnitus, the removal of ear debris from nerve endings, the detoxification of the sinus and lymph system, sharpening of functions vision, hearing, smell and taste.

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Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling) Plus Head Neck and Shoulder Massage

This therapy commences with the warm and soothing use of ear candles followed by lymphatic drainage massage of the face, head, neck and shoulders. Safely and expertly handled by a VTCT qualified therapist, your ear candling plus massage treatment can bring about sinus relief, ease congestion and promote sublime relaxation.

Duration : 1 hour

Price : £35

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